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In short, we offer a one-stop-shop for investing in European growth.


With us its as easy to invest as buying a t-shirt online. Well maybe not really, but we try to keep it simple.


Explore investment opportunities based on your interests, on where you are or simply via a traditional list.


Let someone else do the work. Follow experts or simply people that share your interests. Just for fun or for your investments.

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Investing in growth companies is increasingly popular worldwide. With Eucaps you can find, compare, analyse, and invest in companies from all over Europe. Apart from being a good investment opportunity, investing in growth companies stimulates the economy where it really counts!

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) are the backbone of the economy. So far investment opportunities have been limited to large “blue chip” companies. Eucaps is disrupting the status quo and leveling the playing field. At the same time as offering you exciting investment opportunities, we stimulate the most important part of the economy – growth. That’s good for all of us!

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Follow customized lists
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Eucaps strives to become the first choice for companies, advisors, and investors within the European SME community.

  • Create your own lists
  • See friends lists
  • Follow top brokers lists for inspiration

Is your company traded?
Take control, develop and

At Eucaps all listed companies have their own page.If your company becomes a partner of Eucaps you will have full access to your company page and be able to brand it any way you like. You can upload new content and make sure your potential investors really get to know your company.